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State of Qatar is a peninsula situated half way along the west coast of the Arabian Gulf . The Syro Malabar faithful in Qatar is one of the earliest groups of expatriates reached this Arabian peninsula in search of employment.

Members of Catholic Church from other parts of the world also reached Qatar; and Syro Malabar faithful provided leadership to the scattered unorganized Catholics to receive spiritual care from the clergy. Today, the estimated strength of expatriates Catholics residing in Qatar in approximately 60,000.

The Syro Malabar faithful residing in Qatar is well above 6,000. Majority of the Syro Malabar Community in Qatar are living in the capital city of Doha, and the rest in the peripheral cities of Dhukkan, Umm Said, Al Khor etc. With the passage of time, the realities of modern age brought to the collective wisdom of the community the necessities to follow sacramental and spiritual life in their own traditional rite.
Even though there was no dearth of opportunity to participate in spiritual activities and receive sacraments, the Syro Malabar Community felt the need to adhere the historical obligation to keep the way of Lord, to do justice and judgment in the sphere of their life, being in peace within oneself, and towards each other and the world. To achieve this goal, they realized, it is imperative to follow the pristine traditions of their Apostolic Church , The Syro Malabar Major Archiepiscopical Church. The desire to follow the traditions and culture of this ancient Church, founded by St. Thomas the Apostle, without giving into the compulsions and priorities of contemporary periods and prejudices, led the community to begin efforts to establish facilities to receive pastoral care in the way it is received by its members in their mother country.

The prolonged efforts of the community under the leadership and advice of priests, bishops and synod of Syro Malabar Church led finally to a disposition of the Holy Father Pope John Paul II, in 2003 directing the local vicariates to provide pastoral care to the members of the community by appointing Ad Hoc Pastors from their own rite.

Today, St. Thomas Syro Malabar Church (of the community) functions under an Ad Hoc Priest appointed by the Vicar Apostolic of Arabia, exclusively for Syro Malabar Community. To assist the priest in the administration of the church, there is an Executive Council and a Parish Council (pradhinidhiyogam) of church members. Associations like St. Vincent De Paul Society (for the poor), Pithru Vedi (Association of married men), Mathru Jyothis (Association of married women), St. Thomas Youth Movement (for youth), Cherupushpa Mission League (Association of catechism students) are active in the community.

Catechism classes are conducted for children of all levels , from age 5 to 17, following the syllabus adopted by the synod of the Syro Malabar Church. Special emphasis is accorded to catechism as it is essentially a process of education. Education has always been recognized as a social process by means of which a community has sought to transmit to the emerging generation those traditional aspects of its culture and heritage, which it considered fundamental and vital for its stability and survival; and beneficial to the society at large.

In other words, the Syro-Malabarians began to be considered as a group of Catholics following a different rite in a Latin diocese.
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